Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spring 4 got you down with no ibatis support - no worries Mybatis has your back

Spring is well on it's way to leaving 3 behind.  For ibatis users that for one reason or another are stuck to ibatis, but want to just make the jump to spring 4, there is a dilemma.  This dilemma roots in the fact that spring team dropped ibatis in spring 4.  Until now this meant that upgrading to spring 4 required upgrading ibatis to mybatis and mybatis-spring.  Well in order to mitigate risk to those that need it, mybatis team has decided to extract the spring 3 ibatis support into a new mybatis project called 'mybatis-2-spring'.  Better still, we go one step further and have released a fresh copy of 'mybatis-2'.  So there you have it, all of the users out there dealing with legacy code, mybatis is no longer directly tied into the mix resulting in higher risk in upgrading.  With that said, enjoy what's left in the ibatis land as we resurrect the past.


Jeremy Landis and MyBatis Team