Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bye Google Code, welcome Github

Google Code has been the home of MyBatis since 2010.

During these almost four years Google Code has proved to be a magnificent site and a clear representative of the "Google style": simple and efficient. We cannot say anything but thank you!

MyBatis 3 is a mature and stable project. Between version 3.0.1 and 3.2.3 there are over 150 bugs fixed and over 100 new features. In this phase of the project we believe we should focus much more on facilitating the contributions of the community because you are the one who can best identify real world problems and needs and code to solve them.

The internal design of MyBatis is simple (though undocumented) and we have a coverage of 81% and 1145 unit tests. It is an ideal place to foster collaboration which was one of the objectives of MyBatis 3 since the very beginning. We now feel that we need a more colaborative environment that simplifies the contribution process.

And Github is perfect for that.

So, during 2013 we have been lazily moving projects to Github. Yesterday we did the last change: moving all the binary downloads to Github "Releases". There is nothing left in our former home.

The dynamism of MyBatis is indisputable: It was born in Sourceforge and has gone through Apache and Google Code to end up at Github. ;)

See you at Github!


The MyBatis team