Saturday, January 25, 2014

Migrations 3.2.0 Released!

Adds support for runtime schema upgrade (a.k.a. in-app migration).

If you distributed your application in binary form (e.g. WAR or JAR) and want to make some changes to the database schema after the initial release, that's where the Runtime Schema Upgrade helps.


See the changes:

Not familiar with MyBatis Migrations?

MyBatis Migrations is a Java command line tool that keeps track of database schema changes managing DDL files (known as migrations). Allows to query the current status of the database, apply schema changes and also undo them. It also helps to detect and solve concurrent database schema changes made by different developers.

Better watch the video!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

MyBatis CDI Extension 1.0-beta1 Released

The MyBatis Team is pleased to announce the first release of the mybatis-cdi extension.

It is pretty easy and just works! Look at the documentation:

New releases: spring-1.2.2, scala-1.0.2 and migrations-maven-plugin 1.1.1

Hooray!!!! another round of releases!

- spring 1.2.2

Bugfixes and small improvements

- scala 1.0.2

Bugfixes and small improvements

- migrations-maven-plugin 1.1.1

Compatible with the new Migrations version.


MyBatis Team.

Friday, January 17, 2014

MyBatis 3.2.4 Released!

Dear Community,

We would like to announce the release of MyBatis 3.2.4.

Provides some minor bug fixes and enhacements. See the details at

An special remark about issue #98. In order to improve performance, some statement parsing logic has been moved to the startup process when no dynamic blocks are detected. For that purpose the value of the "parameterType" attribute is used if present (though it is still optional). This value was ignored before so in case you had a wrong value for it you will have to change it.

It is available in Github and Maven Central.

The MyBatis Team.