Sunday, October 20, 2019

MyBatis 3.5.3 released!

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of MyBatis 3.5.3.
The below is the list of user visible changes.

  • Support variable substitution in CDATA of included <sql />. #1615
  • Support default method invocation on JDK 14+8 or later. #1626
  • Avoid illegal reflective access warning when invoking default mapper method. #1636
  • Ambiguous getter/setter now throws ReflectionException only when it is actually accessed. #1201


  • Possible infinite loop when a SQL provider throws an exception. #1616
  • Unable to iterate Cursor if the next element is null. #1653
  • queryCursor() fails in streaming mode of MySQL Connector/J. #1654

Please see the 3.5.3 milestone page for the complete list of changes.
Binaries are available on the release page and Maven Central.

We also receive many code and documentation improvements.
Thank you very much for your contributions in various forms!

The MyBatis Team