Saturday, September 13, 2014

MyBatis in Practice book available

MyBatis in Practice book illustrates the use of MyBatis framework and its dependent technologies. This book provides a step-by-step approach for developing applications using MyBatis framework. It is specially designed to help the individuals who want to learn MyBatis-3 framework.

This book covers the MyBatis framework-related technology standards such as introduction to MyBatis, MyBatis support for executing select, insert, delete, and update statements, MyBatis-provided annotations, MyBatis support for executing stored procedures and functions, MyBatis integration with Spring, MyBatis integration with Velocity, MyBatis-Spring support for transaction management, and migration from iBatis to MyBatis. A step-by-step approach is followed throughout and this book contains approximately 50 Java programs for a better understanding of the topics.

The following topics are covered in this book.
  • Introduction to MyBatis 
  • Database Operations (CRUD) 
  • MyBatis Annotations 
  • MyBatis - Executing Stored Procedures and Functions 
  • MyBatis-Spring Transaction Management 
  • MyBatis with Velocity 
  • Migrating from iBatis to MyBatis

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