Friday, January 17, 2014

MyBatis 3.2.4 Released!

Dear Community,

We would like to announce the release of MyBatis 3.2.4.

Provides some minor bug fixes and enhacements. See the details at

An special remark about issue #98. In order to improve performance, some statement parsing logic has been moved to the startup process when no dynamic blocks are detected. For that purpose the value of the "parameterType" attribute is used if present (though it is still optional). This value was ignored before so in case you had a wrong value for it you will have to change it.

It is available in Github and Maven Central.

The MyBatis Team.


  1. That's great!

    Would be nice to put the new version in maven as well:

  2. It is in Maven central:

    AFAIK is someone's mirror, it is not the central repo.