Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MyBatis-memcached module 1.0.0-beta1 available

we have finally made available a first beta of MyBatis-Memcached
integration module, you can find more details on the related site

Please take in consideration that the beta status is because we
recently migrated an old code to the MyBatis SVN, and we are not sure
we missed something before announcing a proper release.

As always, feedbacks/suggestions/proposals/... are always welcome, so
don't be shy and help us making MyBatis a better ecosystem :)

-Simo, on behalf of the MyBatis team

1 comment:

  1. I conducted testing on MyBatis-memcached.

    There are 2 tables, namely USER and DEPT.

    An java application is written for maintaining data in USER and DEPT.

    A report written in java extract data from both USER and DEPT.

    Here are the tests I performed.
    1. Select/Update data for USER will refresh the key-values in memcache server.

    2. Select/Update data for DEPT will refresh the key-values in memcache server.

    3. Select data from both USER and DEPT created a key-value in memcache server. But any data update in either USER or DEPT cannot refresh the key-value.

    For test case 3, how do I refresh the key-value in memcache server?

    Thanks in advance!