Project Description Links
MyBatis 3 SQL Mapping Framework for Java download | docs
Generator Code generator for MyBatis and iBATIS download | docs |
eclipse plugin
Migrations Migrations database change management tool download | docs
Migrations Maven Plugin Maven plugin for Migrations download | docs
MyBatipse Eclipse plugin for MyBatis download | docs
MyBatis for Scala MyBatis for Scala download | docs


Project Description Links
Spring Integration with Spring download | docs
Spring Boot Starter Integration with Spring Boot download | docs
Guice Integration with Guice download | docs
CDI Integration with CDI download | docs
Velocity Velocity scripting plugin download | docs
Freemarker Freemarker scripting plugin download | docs
OSCache OsCache cache plugin download | docs
EHCache EhCache cache plugin download | docs
Hazelcast Hazelcast cache plugin download | docs
Memcached Memcached cache plugin download | docs
Redis Redis cache plugin download | docs
Ignite Apache Ignite cache plugin download | docs


Project Description Links
JPetStore 6 MyBatis Web application sample download | docs


Project Description Links
MyBatis.NET MyBatis .NET native port Google Code Project

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Cacheonix Cacheonix distributed cache Home Site 
Third party generator plugins Third party generator plugins Plugin list 
ibatis2mybatis iBATIS -> MyBatis XML files migrator Github Project