Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MyBatis-Guice 3.7 Released!

Dear Community,

We are proud to announce the release of MyBatis-Guice 3.7.

Provides some new features:
  • @Transactional annotation support JTA transactions through MyBatisJtaModule
  • Some other minor improvements 
 See the details at https://github.com/mybatis/guice/issues?q=milestone%3A3.7+is%3Aclosed

It is available in Github and Maven Central.

Big thanks for your support and enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mybatis-spring 1.2.3 Released!

Mybatis team is pleased to announce the release of mybatis-spring 1.2.3.  This is generally a micro release with bug fixes over prior release.

  • Custom FactoryBean on MapperScan annotation added, see https://github.com/mybatis/spring/pull/70
  • SqlSessionFactoryBean falls in circular dependencies by Spring Boot's DataSourceInitializer, see http://github.com/mybatis/spring/issues/58
  • And far too many maven build updates to count including spring 3.2.13 and mybatis 3.2.8 base support.

If anything you wanted to see was missed, please file a PR or comment on outstanding PR to see in a future release.


Jeremy Landis


Sunday, May 24, 2015

MyBatis 3.3.0 released!

Dear Community,

We have just released MyBatis 3.3.0.

Includes two main changes:

  • Ognl has been upgraded to 3.0.11 that is the latest version 
  • The default proxy tool is now Javassist and is included inside the mybatis jar 

There are some other minor changes and bug fixes. See the details at https://github.com/mybatis/mybatis-3/issues?q=milestone%3A3.3.0 

Note that you can still use CGLIB as the proxy factory tool by adding CGLIB to your classpath and setting the MyBatis global parameter as follows:

    <setting name="proxyFactory" value="CGLIB"/>

It is available as usual in Github and Maven Central.

The MyBatis Team.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

FreeMarker plugin for MyBatis

Kostromin Igor has created a project to provide a FreeMarker plugin for MyBatis.

This is how a mapper looks like with FreeMarker:

@Select("select * from names where id in (${ids?join(',')})")
List<Name> findNamesByIds(@Param("ids") List<Integer> ids);

You can also use FreeMarker templates this way:

Name findName(@Param("n") String name);

Where findName.ft1 is:

FROM names
where firstName = <@p name="n"/>
See more and contribute at the project's page at Github


Saturday, October 11, 2014

MyBatis 3.2.8 Released!

Dear Community,

We have just released MyBatis 3.2.8.

Yet another bug fix release. Provides 8 minor bug fixes. See the details at https://github.com/mybatis/mybatis-3/issues?q=milestone%3A3.2.8

It is available as usual in Github and Maven Central.

The MyBatis Team.